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Miraline Systems is a software product development startup company. We specialize in creation of online businesses and solutions.

About Us

We create online businesses in the areas of consumer and enterprise services, including B2B, B2C and C2C. We have expertise in all stages of start-ups development: concept & research, Minimum Viable Product, Build-Measure-Learn iterations, growth, scaling, establishment and exiting.

Miraline Systems has 21 years of experience in developing scalable, distributed, high-performance and low-latency information systems. We believe that our technical expertise, quality of services and proactive approach of our team members is key for success in software product development. We highly utilize the Lean Startup approach by doing our best in order to understand the market needs, experiment and quickly move forward with iterations using an MVP.

Another competitive advantage is our strong project management expertise and possibility of re-application of the unique technologies that have been used for our existing web-based products. Those technologies have passed the full testing cycle and provide ultimate flexibility and performance, as opposed to popular mainstream solutions. We believe that this approach enables the perfect match between scope, time, cost and quality needs of our partners and the market.

Concept Development

Product Design

Search Engine Optimization

Fast Iterations

Short Time to Market

Growth and Support

Our Mission

At Miraline Systems, we develop a wide range of online solutions. From single-page websites to complex distributed high-load scalable information systems and platforms. At Miraline everyone at every level is encouraged to express ideas and challenge existing solutions. We believe that anything can't be achieved without diversity of impassioned talents.

  • Product Development
  • Software Engineering
  • UX/UI-design
  • Customer Support
  • Support & Maintenance
  • SMM & SEO
  • Business Analysis
  • MVP creation
  • Teams build-up
  • IT Consulting

Projects Portfolio

We have developed the following web-based products.


VJing Video Clips Reselling Service


Eastern European Real Estate Portal


Real Estate Agency


Online Dating Platform


Self-Service Virtual Therapy


Web and Unix Laboratory


Hi-Res Traffic Monitoring System


Local Business News Portal


We have experience in the following areas.

Consumer Web and Mobile

High-load, distributed, high-availability systems oriented for consumers.

E-Commerce Solutions

Payments processing, billing systems integration, accounting and balance tracking software.

Online Marketplaces

We have successfully developed marketplaces in the following segments: real-estate listings, job boards, online dating services, video reselling platforms.

Video Processing

Batches and real-time video processing solutions.

Online Trainings and Bots

Virtual assistants, conversation simulations and bots.

Low-latency Systems

Real-time processing with low latency measured in single-digit milliseconds, i.e. real-time traffic monitoring systems.

Website Hosting Platforms

Hosting solutions for websites based on standard and customized engines, using Docker containers and OS-level isolation technologies.

Search Engine Technologies

Custom search solutions based on reverse-index.

AI/ML Solutions

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for business.


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Do you have a business idea but don't have the necessary knowledge, experience or capacity for implementing and launching it on your own? We are here to help. We will be happy to discuss your business idea and provide a variety of options for our cooperation.

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